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RampScan™ - Testing Process

RampScan™ is a proprietary method to nondestructively identify broken post-tension cables in a concrete slab. RampScan™ incorporates magnetic sensors combined with specially designed computer hardware and software to gather data on the post-tensioning reinforcement. TECH Restoration Services collects and processes this data producing a record data file and a real time computer display of the tendon or tendon bundle. This information is analyzed to locate breaks/corrosion in the post-tension system and presented in report form for our client.

RampScan Device. Click to Enlarge

Hilti Ferroscan. Click to Enlarge

Field Engineers systematically scan a parking garage with the proprietary RampScan™ Device

Closer examination with the Hilti Ferroscan confirms tendon breaks


Graphed RampScan data is then analyzed.

This graph indicates failures at two of the four tendons. The main peaks of the graph indicate concrete beams.

The data gathered by RampScan™ is very accurate. Tendon problems are identified, and the concrete slab is marked at the exact location of the failure. Slab exploration confirms the tendon break. Notice there is no surface evidence indicating any problems here. This broken tendon was no longer providing the designed slab reinforcing and was replaced.

Broken or corroded tendons are marked on the slab. Click to Enlarge.

Slab exploration confirms the RampScan data.

Data indicates a corroded tendon at this exact location.

The concrete is removed at this small location to reveal a broken reinforcing tendon. Click on photo for a closer look.


RampScan. Click to Enlarge

Ceiling Scan. Click to Enlarge

Workers can scan areas with minimal business interruptions

The underside of slabs can also be tested


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