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The P/T Fix™ repair process was developed over a decade ago when engineers from Tech Testing & Restoration Service were contracted to restore a Twin Cities parking garage where the post-tension tendons were corroded beyond repair. As the TECH engineers began their inspection, they quickly realized that the situation would require a completely new approach to tendon repair. After extensive research and onsite testing, Tech Testing & Restoration Services developed a patented method of post-tension repair called P/T Fix™.

Trenches cut for tendon replacement.

P/T Fix trenching diagram.

The P/T Fix™ repair process trenches the concrete slab at the predetermined tendon locations.

Tendons are removed and replaced through the new trenches.


The P/T Fix™ repair process is accomplished systematically, aisle by aisle, allowing 85% to 90% of the garage to remain in operation to maintain parking revenue requirements. P/T Fix™ can be scheduled to take place over several months or several years, depending on the terms of the budget, and the severity of the corrosion. P/T Fix™ can restore the load carrying capacity of a parking garage for less than half the cost of a total slab replacement or new construction P/T Fix™ is also less expensive over the life of the garage then temporary alternatives such as splicing.

Waterproofing the tendons

Quality Control

After the repair

Careful tendon preparation will preserve these new tendons, and keep out corrosion.

The underside of this slab is being prepared for new concrete.

The repaired slab.

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