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Partial Project List

These are just some of the projects that Tech Testing & Restoration Services successfully completed using the P/T Fix™ method for tendon replacement. All projects listed below consist of a one-way post-tensioned concrete slab. The post-tension system used in the original design was a button-head system with paper-wrapped tendons. Click on the project name for more detailed information.


Project name and Location:
River Centre Parking Ramp
4th and Kellogg Streets
St. Paul, MN

Owner: City of St. Paul

Facility Description: 8 level, 1600 car parking ramp.

Restoration Work: This project restoration initially started in 1984 with periodic tendon replacement in critical areas. In 1989 it was determined that a total restoration would be phased over a 5-10 year period, depending on budget availability.

Project name and Location:
5th and Walnut Parking Ramp
Des Moines, IA

Owner: City of Des Moines

Facility Description: 5 level, 650 car parking ramp.

Restoration Work: Tendon replacement began as a partial restoration on two levels of the ramp in 1988. During 1992, Tech Testing & Restoration completed restoration of the entire ramp.

Project name and Location:
GSA Chicago
Chicago, IL.


Facility Description: The GSA Parking Ramp, Chicago, IL..

Restoration Work:

Project name and Location:
Norwest Center & Eco-Lab
Parking Facilities
55 E. 5th Street
St. Paul, MN

Owner: Towle Real Estate
Architect: Hamel Green Abrahamson

Facility Description: 5 level, 500 car parking ramp.

Restoration Work: This project was completed in two phases with tendon replacement on two supported levels. The P/T Fix™ Trenching Method™ was specified by Hamel Green Abrahamson.

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