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5th & Walnut

The 5th & Walnut parking ramp was built in the late 1960ís. Like many parking structures of its time, this ramp utilized paper-wrapped, post-tensioned tendons.

5th & Walnut. Click to Enlarge.

The 5th & Walnut Ramp - Des Moines, IA.

TECH Testing & Restoration was contracted in 1988 to repair a portion of the floor using the P/T Fix™ method for repair after the owner began noticing spall outs on the underside of the slabs.




Severe spalling at the underside of a slab.

Severe spalling at the underside of a slab.


Further evaluation of this ramp revealed a more extensive problem, requiring all of the tendons to be replaced with new, longer-lasting encapsulated post-tensioned tendons.

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