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- Nondestructive broken tendon locating
- Complete parking garage/ramp evaluations
- Economical tendon restoration of paper-wrap systems
- Broken tendon repair
Tech Testing & Restoration Services has been the industry leader in advancing and developing new technology to aid in the ongoing fight against corrosion of parking garages for the last 20 years, with our newly patented RampScan™ technology or our P/T Fix™ repair process. Tech Testing & Restoration Services offers full service structural evaluations and solutions.

If you are not using RampScan™ to evaluate your garage, you are using 30-year old technology.

Tech Restoration Services has been active serving clients with post-tensioning problems since 1984.  Early encounters with post-tensioning problems usually involved the older paper-wrapped wire systems and paper-wrapped strand systems. Experience with the early deterioration of these systems led to the development of P/T FIX™, our patented method of tendon replacement.

More recently many issues of the later developed plastic sheathed system have also developed a variety of problems causing tendon release and loss of structural strength often unknown to anyone.  Recently, Tech Restoration Services Inc. has developed a nondestructive testing device that can find broken tendons inside the concrete slabs.  With this new testing equipment all tendons, for their full length, can be read and recorded.  This information can then be used by engineers to determine structural safety and when required develop repair/restoration plans with reliability, confidence and accuracy.


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